Interactive Wall Display Project

Last Updated On – 23/SEPT/2017
Development Duration – September 2017
Team – Digital Media team at Tagbin Services Pvt. Ltd.
My Role – Project Manager and Game Developer
Current Status – Installed at Gastech Conference, Chiba (Japan) 2017
Project Short Brief – It was first ideated to solve a generic problem that Experiential marketing companies had while developing products for touch walls but with limited budget and redundant development scenarios. The aim of this project was to create a generic software that could have an inbuilt projection-mapping editor, up-to 8 screens/projectors compatibility and arduino-based touch management hotspot detection system. The first prototype was so successful in solving this generic problem that it was picked up for internal events based “Interactive Wall Display Projection System” and as a service to sell to other Experiential Marketing companies. Due to its media and interaction extensive requirements.
Technologies Used:
1. Unity 3D Game Engine
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. Visual Studio for C-Sharp Coding.
4. Ardunio-IDE.
5. C programming for Ardunio sketches scripting.
6. TCP/IP and UDP based Network scripting.

Project Implemented at Gastech International Conference in Japan, 2017
The project implemented at the Tagbin’s Gurgaon, India Office.